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Price list


Relaxing massage

very fine massage

  • neck+back: approx. 40min: 350,- Kč
  • legs: approx. 40min: 350,- Kč
  • hands: approx. 30min: 200,- Kč
  • whole body: approx 90min: 600,- Kč
Separate foot massage

suitable for mounting arch feet

  • feet: approx. 30min: 250,- Kč
Separate cupping

suitable for stiff muscles

  • one session: approx. 20min: 200,- Kč
Cellulite program
need a minimum of 6 sessions
  • intense massage feet+anti-cellulite cream+massage bulb+according to film: approx.60min: 500,- Kč
Peat lining

Peat lining suitable for relaxing muscles

  • one session: approx. 20min: 200,- Kč
Fitness massage-intense

intense massage - suitable for stiffened muscles, warm by infra-red lamp+massage by flask

  • neck: approx. 30min: 250,- Kč
  • back: approx. 40min: 350,- Kč
  • neck+back: approx. 60min: 450,- Kč
  • neck+back+attaching flasks: approx. 75min: 500,- Kč
  • legs: approx. 60min: 450,- Kč
  • whole body: approx.120min: 800,- Kč

as a komplement to a relaxing massage

  • one heating: 50,- Kč
Manual lymphatic drainage
Suitable for the overall health of the organism
  • whole body approx. 60 min: 600,-Kč
Balls suitable for muscle relaxation, alone or to the masses
  • one session approx. 30 min: 200,-Kč
Luxurious aromatic massages
Luxurious aromatic massages relaxing: vanilla/roses whole body
  • one session approx. 90 min: 750,-Kč

MANICURE (Alcina, Primavera, OPI)

  • without coating, with a short massage: approx.40min: 200,- Kč
  • with painting, with a short massage: approx.60min: 300,- Kč
  • french, with a short massage: approx.60min: 350,- Kč
  • japanese manicure: approx.40min: 300,- Kč

currently not performed (time reasons)

COSMETICS (Alcina, Primavera)

Standard treatment for all skin types: 600,- Kč

(including: make-up removal+surface and deep cleaning, peling, ampoule after cleaning , micro eye area+face and neck massage, masks, cream+cover fluid/powder+lip gloss, bonus: finish eyebrow), treatment lasts approx.90-120min

can be purchased:
  • dyeing eyebrows: 50,- Kč
  • eyelashes: 50,- Kč
  • small depilation: 50,- Kč
  • base for massage: capsule/fluid/serum: 50,- Kč
  • collagen eye pads: 150,- Kč
Cosmetic hand treatment aimed at regeneration and hydration: 400,- Kč

(including: surface cleaning, peling, massage, masks, manicure without coating), treatment approx. 60min

Treatment of very young skin: 500,- Kč

(including: surface and deep cleaning, peling, ampule after cleaning, masks, finishing the skin: fluid/cream+cover fluid/powder, bonus: finis eyebrow), treatment lasts approx.60-90min

Evening make-up: 800,- Kč

(1 test included, reservation should be performed at least 2 weeks in advance, it is recommended to have at least 1 complete skin treatment)

Small daily make-up: 200,- Kč
Separate facial massage: 350,- Kč

(including: make-up removal, massage, treatment lasts approx.40min)

Separate acts:
  • finish eyebrow: 150,- Kč
  • dyeing eyelashes 200,- Kč
  • finish and dyeing eyebrows: 200,- Kč
  • finish and dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes: 250,- Kč
  • depilation:
  • (cold wax): upper lip: 150,- Kč
(warm wax): legs: 300-600,- Kč
groin separately: 200,- Kč
whole body (by consumption of material): f.e. hand: 200,- Kč, back: 200,- Kč
Chocolate body treatment

(including: peling, application of gentle massage cream chocolate, mask, firming gel, treatment is suitable for hydration and skin firming)

  • back treatment: approx.60min: 570,- Kč
  • treatment of abdominal: approx.60min: 570,- Kč
  • treatment of lower limb: approx.90min: 870,- Kč
  • treatment of upper limb: approx.60min: 470,- Kč


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